VINZ is a web-based service that allows:

  • Change password at any time.
  • Reset a lost password.
  • Unblock an account blocked by excessive attempts to access erroneous.
  • Receive email notification that the password is about to expire.

  • Passwords expire after 180 days.
  • 60-minute preventive lock after 8 failed attempts.
  • Complexity: 10 characters, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
  • Cannot reuse previous 24 passwords.

Access URL

All operations send an email informing the user.

In the first access, it is necessary to make a registration to use the exchange, unlock and recovery services.

Access is done with personal credentials.
Access Log
This first access shows a message inviting us to register. This record is required.
Registration invitation
Registration consists of generating an alternative authentication mode, which can be:

  • Personal questions/answers.
  • Google Authenticator.

Only one of them is necessary, at the user's choice, although both can be done.
This will be used to verify our identity to perform actions when we do not have the original password (for example in case of forgotten password).

Enter two questions and their answers and click on "Register".
Questions for registration

This is the safest way. It uses Google's one-time-use key platform.

You need a mobile phone to install the "Google Authenticator" app.

The steps to perform are:

Select the record with "Google Authenticator". A QR code must appear.
Register with google
Install and open the "Google Authenticator" application on a trusted mobile phone.
Authenticator installation

Changing your password does not require you to answer security questions or enter Google Authenticator codes.
Change Password
Change Password

In both we will be asked, depending on how you have made the registration, the answer to security questions or a Google Authenticator code in addition to solving some catpchas.
Maintenance passwords
Reset password
Authenticator google
Verification code

The service notifies when the user registers or makes a change, recovery or unlock via email:

There is also a password expiration reminder service that will start to notify, by e-mail, that it will be sent as soon as 10 days are missing.