OpenCayle service connection

  • Endpoint:
  • Port: 443 SSL.

OpenCayle service needs an access key to allow access. This access key will be obtained through a token generated
on base 64 associated to the user and password on active directory (AD).

To generate the access key to access (Result to encode on base 64 the following JSON which includes user and password):

    "RGW_TOKEN": {
        "version": 1,
        "type": "ad",
        "id": "USERID",
        "key": "PASSWORD"
  • USERID will be the user given by Scayle to access to the services.
  • PASSWORD will be the selected by the user, Scayle has no knowledge about it.

Click encode,the token generated is the ACCESS KEY associated to the user to access to OpenCayle service.