Data publication

Data publication service

OpenCayle has a platform to the publication of open data storage on its service, where organization can make public its data associated to publications, researches or studies.


  • Organization: organizations are used to create, manage and publish data collections.

    Users can have different roles on organization, which are associated to the autorizathion level ,to create, edit and publish.

    On platform it will be only operative the role "editor" for a couple of users by organization, the rest of organization users do not have access to the platform. But they can access to the platform data due to the data are public.

  • Data (Dataset): Data are a collection of data resources (files or similar) grouped by a description and another information.
    When a user look for information it is what can find on the web.

  • Resource: The resource is a link to an OpenCayle object which contains information.