User Dashboard

When a user has an opened session, the first page showed will be similar to this:


My Datasets: allows see the published user data.
My Organizations: shows the organization where the user is part of that.
My Groups: in Oencayle case does not exist.

To show the organizations where the user is part, he Will Access clicking on “My organization” on the previous page.

The user will have two organizatons:

  1. Organization where the user is an editor (“Editor”)


  • This organization will be assigned based on the company or organization where his/her user was create on Scayle services.
  • The user will be able to create, manage and publish data on this organization.

The example shows a user who allows to “SCAYLE Supercomputación Castilla y León” organization:

  1. Organizatión where the user is a member (“Member”)
  • Scayle organization always exist, due to users allows to Scayle services, however the user can be manage due to his role as “Member”.
  • This organization has no published data..

Organization has not a logo assigned. The user must communicate the URL where logotype is located and apply for that.

Logotype must storage on OpenCayle service and be public through an URL generation, similar to:<bucket_organizacion>/<nombre_logo>

Example (It is not necessary this bucket exists as public).