User Support

Users of the systems can request assistance from SCAYLE technical staff when it was necessary, send an email to the support team at , the unique point of receipt for support requests.
Assistance to users will be limited to the initial run of their codes, installation of the necessary software and consulting work to achieve optimal use of allocated resources. Under no circumstances will SCAYLE staff provide support on the development, debugging or optimisation of user codes.

Previously you must access via web to any of the following URLs. Introduce your account credentials:

  • Usuario: Username
  • Contraseña: Password


Once the login has been made successfully, you will have to accept the Security Policy to access to a new page where the resources to which the account has access will be published.



Click on "Ticketing" to access to the ticketing system.
Introduce the same credentials associated to your account.

Tiketing acceso


To open a new ticket, click on "Crear una petición".


It will be opened a new window “Describa la incidencia o solicitud"

Incidencia Solicitud

Two types of tickets could be opened:

  • Incidence: When an event interrputs the normal operation of a service or product which is running in production.
  • Request. When information, advice, change or modification, registration or cancellation (based on the catalogue of services offered by the centre) is required for a service or product

Tipo : (Type)

  • Solicitud: Request
  • Incidencia: Incidence

Categoría:(Category): you should select the service to which your ticket is associated:

  • Clients
    • Cloud
    • HPC
    • RedCayle
    • Others

Seguimiento por correo: “Si” when you apply for tracking
Correo electrónico: email address where feedback will be sent if the ticket changes its status
Título: Ticket subject
Descripción: detailed Description of the ticket.
Archivo: Attach a file to the ticket if necessary.
Enviar mensaje: Send the message.

After sending the message (if email tracking is selected) you will receive an email:


  • Estado (Status).
  • Número de seguimientos (How many times the ticket was reviewed and the notes added on it).

When you open a new ticket:

Nuevo ticket

When a new ticket is created its status will be “Nuevo”, automatically the support team will be notified to procces the ticket according to the established workflow.

Any change or follow-up related to the ticket will be updated on the ticketing platform. In the case that the user selected ticket tracking when the ticket was created then a notification will be sent to the email introduced in the ticket.
When the ticket is assigned to a member of support department its status will be change to “En curso (asignada)”.


When the ticket is scheduled its status will be change to “En curso (planificada)”.


You can view all changes mades on your tickets on the ticketing platform if you open the ticket and click on “Procesando petición”.


Viewing changes via email:


  • Estado (Status).
  • Número de seguimientos (How many times the ticket was reviewed and the notes added on it).

When a ticket is resolved the member of technical support would be associated a solution to the ticket and changed de status to “Resuelto”.


To view the changes associated to the ticket, open the ticket and click on "Procesando petición".


The user can validate or reject that solution:

  • Click on “Validar la Solución” button to validate it.
  • Click on “Rechazar la Solución” button to reject it.


When the solution is validated by the user, the ticket will have the "Cerrado (Closed)" status.


Resolved tickets without feedback in a period of 48 hours will be closed automatically.

When a ticket will be handled later in time, the department may change its status to "En espera (On Hold)" and assign it again when it can be resolved.
The ticket could be changed to removed status, although the usual procedure does not provide for such a status as a consistent history must be maintained for all tickets.