Data transfer

The scp utility allows you to transfer data between your local computer and your directories in SCAYLE storage and vice versa.
To copy from your computer to its storage, run the command:

scp -P 2222 <origin_file> user<destination>

Similarly, to download your programs or data to your local computer, the command will be:

scp -P 2222 :<origin_file> <destination>

For more information on using the scp command, see the SCP man pages.
As graphical alternatives there are several programs to avoid the use of the command line:

For all of them, the connection options are:

Port: 2222
Connection type: SCP

The access from the frontends and servers of the system to the outside is not allowed.

If you need access to external urls for your work, you should contact our support service at to request access to the addresses you need.