OpenCAYLE statistics

OpenCayle allows to user the access to use service statistics.

  • User must connect to Scayle extranet URL and access with the userId and password associated to Scayle services:

  • User must accept Scayle security policy , to do it click on button “Continuar”


  • A menu, which contains user available options on Scayle, will appears.


  • The user must click on the option “Estadísticas OpenCayle” to visualize the user usage statistics on Scayle.
    When user has not the service this options does not appear.


Número de Objetos: Show the information associated to user objects on OpenCayle Service.

  • Total Objetos: Number of objects or keys used by the user, on the example the user has a total of 6 objects.

Número de Buckets: Show the information associated to user buckets on OpenCayle Service.

  • Buckets usados: Number of buckets used by the user, on the example the user has a total of 4 buckets, it does not matter if the bucket contains objects or not.
  • Bucket cuota: It is the maximum number of buckets allowed to allocate by the user on the OpenCayle service.

By default the bucket quota is 100 buckets.
The K represents a thousand, so 1.0K will be 1000 buckets.

Almacenamiento Usado: Storage information.

  • Almacenamiento usado: Total volume of storage which was used by the user, On example 9.2 Mb.
  • Cuota almacenamiento: User torage limit allowed on OpenCayle Service to the user.
    By default 1Tb
    0MB means unlimited.

Estado general del sistema: OpenCayle service global load level.

Cuota de buckets ocupada: The percentage of used buckets by the user on relation to the maximum number of buckets allowed.
On Example 3%, the user has 3 buckets and user bucket limit is 100.

Cuota de almacenamiento ocupada: The percentage of user used storage on relation to the maximum storage allowed to the user.
On example 0,88%, the user has used 9.2GB of a maximum allowed of 1TB.
When the storage is unlimited is showed as unlimited.