How to create a publication

The data you will make public must be storaged on OpenCayle and has associated a public URL, you can do this publication through:

Double click on the organization where you want créate a new publication (dataset). It will appear a page similar to this:


  1. Dataset creation..

Clik “Add Dataset” to add the data to the organization.
On this step (1), you fill in the information associated to the dataset or data agrupation. Introduce the following information:

  • You must introduce the data name.
  • The URL associated to the publication of this data is generated automaticaly, however it can be changed (it is not recommended)

It is important:

  1. Visibility: it must be public, in order this data will be public.
  2. Organization: it must be the organization associated to the user.


It is posible to tag data, mark the licence type, author, contact …

You have an option to customize data, so if you public periodically, it is posible to add information you need it and is not contained on data.

Example: To add the year 2018 and the scope RNA, you must add custom fields adding one for year 2018 and another for scope RNA.


Click “Add Data” to add the data.

  1. Add resources.

On step 2, it will be added the storaged data on OpenCayle.


On URL it will be introduced the URL associated to the public data on OpenCayle which you want to add to this data.

Introduce information about the file and the format of this file.

If you want to add more resources to the data then click “Save & add another” else click “Finish”.

The file was added and made public on the organization with these metadata.


You can observe the custom fields added (scope and year) are included on this publication.

If you access to the organization URL on the publication OpenCayle service you can see the publication:


Clik “Add Dataset” to add the data to the organization


The procedure will be the previous one but adding various resources.

  1. Dataset creation.

  2. Add resources.
    The resources to associated on this dataset will be:

    Thes URL are associated to data (public object) storaged on OpenCayle service whose URL was generated as public.
    Select “Add Data” on the previous page.


On this case the format is “pdf”.
Select “Save & add another” to add one more resource to the dataset.


Select “Finish” to end the resources assignation.
The data will be created with the two resources assignated above.


Review the publication created:


Clik on “Organization” option to check the data contained on it, pay attention, you can only see the first level, the data, not the resources contained on it.
When you click on the data, you can see the resource or resources contained on it.